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Pukaray is  takes its name from the Quechua language, which means "to strengthen"

​We are a brand of Peruvian jewelry worked
by women with disabilities, who work with dedication and passion


Our philosophy is to promote self-employment in talented people, providing them with the necessary tools and resources for their personal development and entrepreneurship. We strive to build the autonomy of each of them, allowing them to achieve their goals and dreams.

At Pukaray, we believe in inclusion and in the value of artisan work. ​​​​




Nuestras Artesanas

Arte creado por mujeres con Fortaleza

Cada pulsera es creada por nuestras artesanas, mujeres con discapacidad intelectual, llenas de fortaleza y espíritu emprendedor.

Ellas ponen su corazón y su habilidad en cada nudo y detalle, transformando cada pieza en una verdadera obra de arte.

Cell phone/Whatsapp

914 788 252



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